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"Since becoming a book blogger/reviewer, NetGalley has been like my guardian angel, and my own personal paradise. It is the best site for book bloggers/reviewers, and works alongside some of my favourite publishers. A daily visit to NetGalley can always perk me up!" - Becca of Becca’s Books blog

I still have quite a while left to run on my NetGalley term, but I’m already really happy with the results… The NetGalley readers give good reviews. Good in terms of thoughtful, detailed, reasoned… So, NetGalley: Will I use it again? YES.” –Tudor Robins, author of Appaloosa Summer, via her blog post

"We were very happy with the results with NetGalley.  It really helped get the book out to the professional audience we were aiming at.  I really appreciate all your help on this.  When we publish another book like this one I will definitely have NetGalley in my marketing plan for it. Thanks!" –Eric Lowenhar, Marketing Manager, Barron’s Educational Series

“How did I discover the book I’m currently reading? NetGalley. It’s the best place for discoverability. It works better than anything else.” –Tez Miller, via Facebook

"You won’t believe how many GREAT books are available as ARCs for review. You can read books that appeal to your patrons, any age, as well as books that you find interesting all for the price of a fair and honest review!" –Samantha McManus, Library Media Specialist at Sullivan Middle School

"As a librarian, you’re considered by NetGalley to be a “professional reader”. (How cool is that label?!) You can get electronic access to the galleys of all kinds of books and stay ahead of the game by being ready to order them (or not) when they get published. I’ve found a number of amazing titles through this website, and been able to talk them up to teens." –Angie Baugher, YA Librarian at Aurora Public Library, Eola Road Branch

“You can get eGalleys for great upcoming books and then review them on Goodreads or whatever other book review sites you may use, and it helps with purchasing decisions. I have been using it for a while now and I love it.” –Anne Holcomb, Media Librarian at Willard Library

“I love having an opportunity to familiarize myself with upcoming titles to improve my reader’s advisory and make suggestions for purchase.  If you are interested - check it out!” –Barbara Thompson, Librarian - Children’s and Young Adult at Rum River Branch, Anoka County Library System

“NetGalley was awesome. What a difference it made in getting reviews and publicity (and sales)! I’ll definitely go this route again when I publish another title!” –Jack Chaucer, author of Streaks of Blue

"Without a doubt NetGalley helped me kick start my titles, which ultimately led to book deals in both the US and the UK." Tina Seskis, author of One Step Too Far and A Serpentine Affair

"Binder has exceeded my expectations in sales and word-of-mouth buzz. I have NetGalley to thank for that.” —David Vinjamuri, author of Binder

"Sites like are an absolute godsend for authors. They match key readers to books they might otherwise never pick up.”
Victoria Lamb, award-winning novelist 

"By far one of the best ways I’ve found to spread the word about my upcoming titles is NetGalley. With their resources, I’m quickly connected with quality readers and industry professionals, who discover my work. Every title I’ve listed with NetGalley has been a top sales performer."
Lisa Renee Jones, NY Times Bestselling Author, lisareneejones.com

"Roundup? ROCKS! What a flood of requests I’ve had with regard to the two titles in the October Roundup. I tried direct solicitation… but had no request for the ARC. What a wonderful way to capture their attention. And thank you for the high placement and the side-by-side listing. You are so awesome!"
Kat Bastion, Award-Winning Author, www.KatBastion.com

"I have been recently introduced to NetGalley and it was one of the best decisions ever to become a member. You have created an excellent platform for readers, writers and publishers to communicate on a unique level and certainly introduced me to books I would never have found on my own. My book purchases have also skyrocketed.” Margitte, reviewer

"We love NetGalley, it’s been the best new marketing tool we’ve used in years. We appreciate all of your hard work in making it the success that it is."
—Jonathan Hall, Publicity Manager, Cornell University Press

"As a blogger, as a librarian and as an educator I’m so pleased to have discovered NetGalley. It’s a great tool for discovering new titles and having the chance to evaluate them. As economies grow tighter for book buyers and as professional librarians become endangered species it is so helpful to be able to read and review new titles without making expensive mistakes and doubly pleasing when I find a gem and am able to recommend it for purchase!" —Bookaholic on Tumblr

"I turned to NetGalley. I sent them an email requesting info on how to get listed. They DO in fact accept titles from self-published authors. In fact, they are VERY helpful in getting you set up. I have been very impressed with how professional and personal they are…It is well worth the cost."
—Keary Taylor, The Bane. Read more about her NetGalley experience in her full blog post

"I wish you had roundups more often! Not kidding, it is well worth the investment. I got approximately 150 downloads in the 2-4 day period of the newsletter." —Marsha Nuccio, Secret Sister

"I just want to express my gratitude for these emails [Roundup newsletters].  You show me books I might not have found on my own and you make it easy to access them.  Thanks so much for the temptations!" —Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie

"Thank you NetGalley for this opportunity to read and review books. Thank you publishers for this opportunity to read books before they are published. I like being able to tell my book club about books before they are published." —Diana Howell via the NetGalley Wellness Challenge

People at  are the best! Got my account back after issues with my email account, without any problems and super quick! Thank you!”
—@prettymuchbooks via Twitter

"I’ve been a member of NetGalley for a few years now, and it still surprises me that more people don’t know about it… This is a valuable tool, especially for librarians… NetGalley fits a much needed niche." —Monica Zepeda at The Librarian Writer blog

"Now that 's gotten so good, I hate reviewing books that aren't there. Who wants to carry around a hardcover anymore?” —@KJTorrance via Twitter

"oh @NetGalley… I scrolled through and found so many amazing titles to request. This is a great year to be a reader" —@TeriCrusley via Twitter

"I would like to raise a glass (red wine or tea is my preference – but whatever is yours) to the founders of NetGalley, and the publishers who are on board with it. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to champion books!” —Julia Muldoon, via "A Love Letter to NetGalley" on Pisces Muse

"NetGalley has been a wonderful resource for our librarians. Many use your service for assistance with collection development reader’s advisory, and to connect with publishers and authors. On a personal note, NetGalley has been my go-to resource in preparing my new teen books workshops, and I always take five minutes to give attendees a brief overview of your service. Thank you for supporting the work of the Massachusetts Library Association and of our profession. It is sincerely appreciated!" —Sarah Sogigian, Advisor, Youth Services, Massachusetts Library System, YALSA Board of Directors

"I think @NetGalley is my favourite thing in the whole wide world. Well, that and sandwiches.” —@amberdelessio via Twitter

"NetGalley is really offering great titles. I am talking the company up at work amongst my fellow librarians and they’re starting to sign up. They hear me raving about the books I’m reading all the time, while they’re waiting for them to show up in our system so they can go the waiting list! I feel like a celeb."     
—Kate Troutman, librarian

"Thank you for just being you.” —@SeeTanyaRead via Twitter

"Few bookish things are as rewarding as submitting feedback on " —@j9moope via Twitter

"Congratulations on helping us on a massive scale! Besides filling our eyes with such wonderful new material that we can’t wait to share with others, you help libraries know where to spend their hard earned dollars. We applaud and appreciate you!" —Kimberly McGee, via NetGalley Facebook Page

"Uploading ebooks to the NetGalley platform is key to helping us connect ebook titles with librarians, books reviewers, bloggers, educators and media contacts." —Sandra Poirier Diaz, president at Smith Publicity, Inc. via article

"Dear @NetGalley I want to hug you right now :D” —@YA_BookWorm07 via Twitter

"I lead a bible study and am involved in finding appropriate study material for our, and several other, groups. I also advise on suitable reading material for our library. It is very helpful to be able to review books through NetGalley so that I can make informed choices in these regards. I thank you for the opportunity you offer me to do this. Please know that it is benefiting many more people than just me." —Janice Keilbart Scott, via NetGalley Facebook Page

"I love your service! Thanks so much for providing access to galleys for school librarians." —Tracy Thomas Varner, via NetGalley Facebook Page

"I love reading about all the new books and reading all that I can on my device, then order them for our library."
—Kathy Grimenstein, Branch Head - Fairview Public Library

you made 2012 a great year for bloggers, thank you for always providing awesome books for us to read & enjoy! Happy New Year!” —@ReadingDiva3 via Twitter

"Hey @NetGalley, I’m sure I’m not the only marketing assistant who wants to give a big thank you for the new changes. Great work!”     
—@CarolineMEisen via Twitter

"LOVE NetGalley!Thank you so much for giving reviewers the opportunity to read and review all those fabulous books!You guys Rocks! :D"
—Nuzaifa @ Say It With Books via NetGalley Facebook Page

"Just wanted to say that is really makes it easy to order books for the library when you have already read the egalley and can make an informed choice. I think I checked off at least five books on our latest B&T order that I had read and enjoyed, books that I probably would have passed over before. Not to mention ordering personal copies as well. — Sharon Redfern, via NetGalley Facebook Page

"Thank you for your prompt response. I thought that I might have to wait a day or two, but the quickness of your reply was not only unexpected, but brightened my day! I would like, if you don’t mind, letting others with whom you work how pleasant it is to be treated as someone important. *insert a smile here*"
—Martin Tower, Reference and Adult Services, HMCPL

"Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I love being able to receive books in advance to read. While the new web design had a few hiccups, it looks like it is all working better now. Can’t wait for the additional enhancements." —BookAddict

"I would also just like to say thanks to you and NetGalley, your service is absolutely wonderful and gives us online reviewers an amazing opportunity to read books that we might not normally have a chance to see in advance of publication."—Rachel

"I love NetGalley! Being a bookseller, this really helps me in recommending books to customers and knowing they’ll be happy with their purchase. Net Galley works wonderfully with my Nookcolor as well so that makes it so convenient." —Rachel Shell Vance, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“The new site look is fantastic. It is great to see the covers and get a more modern look to it.” —Robin Wallace

"IBPA’s NetGalley review program was exactly what we needed to harness the power of early reviews and word of mouth. It has meant the difference between many folks being aware of our titles, and a small few. We are grateful to Terry Nathan and IBPA for offering this amazing opportunity. It is exactly what small presses like Month9Books need to get and stay in the game." —Georgia McBride, Publisher

“Let me start by saying how much I love your site and the new design. It’s wonderful how you make it easy for readers and publishers to be in contact.” —Nadine G.

“I am really loving the new netgalley! So much more user friendly! Thanks for all your hard work.” —Tonya Speelman, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“I love how fast NetGalley’s new website is. I’m still learning to navigate on it. You don’t have the same options as before but I’ll keep searching and tinkering.” —Mary Ann Gaddy, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“Have got to say now I have got used to the new look Netgalley I LOVE it!” —Sandra Richardson, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“Oh my god, the new site is so fast, which is SO great. Very friendly, too.” —Sharon Tomasulo, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“Love love love the new site..congrats on a great job! !” —Rhonda Lomazow, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“loving the new look and layout!! It’s faster, clearer… I’m loving it!” —Alba Solorzano, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“The new site is absolutely fantastic, easy to navigate and the fastest I have ever seen it!!” —Marianne Houghtaling, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“Love the new NetGalley!!! It’s fast! I can copy and paste! Awesome revitalization!” —Patty Magyar, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“To say that I like your new look would be an understatement. With your new design you have made something very good into something excellent! Your new website is a pleasure to use and is a great tribute to your talent. Keep up the good work!”
—Michael W. Michelsen Jr., via NetGalley Facebook Page

“Well done, NetGalley! Your new site is AMAZING!!! Thank you!” —Dorothy Distefano, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“Great design. Much easier to browse titles. I like the way the feedback/review works as well—clearer than the old site.”
—Jeanne Murray, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“I adore NetGalley. It helps me in book selection for my library immensely; NetGalley helps me to read in depth to figure out what to choose for our discerning library users. The old days of cartons of printed galley proofs seems so unwieldy and so… yesterday. Thanks for what you do.”
—Catherine Thompson, librarian

“You guys did an awesome job updating the site! It’s beautiful and more importantly, it’s so much faster - will be a pleasure to use. Thanks!” —Stacy Alesi, via NetGalley Facebook Page

"The new looks SO much nicer and clearer. Well done to their digital refurb guys and gals.” —@readingwithtea

"I love the new look for Netgalley :D" —@lenamarsteller

"Oh my! The new is absolutely GORGEOUS! And so easy to use” —@AlRutter

"Have I told you that I loved the new ? It’s easier to access (for me,I guess)&looked really good! Hooray for 3 newbooks for today!” —@MichelleSedeno

"Now that loads so much faster, I find myself popping over more often and lingering longer. There is no bad there.” —@katid

"NetGalley is awesome :) and it’s super easy to load books in your Kindle, too." —@tinamats

"Lindsey was AWESOME when I couldn’t get a file to download :) @NetGalley" —@BeaCharmed

"At the rate @NetGalley is going I might need more than one e-reader to download the ones I want to read :P” —@sensitivemuse

"Oh @NetGalley I love you. I bet you have minty fresh breath and are a fabulous dancer.” —@SmartBitches

"Just a statement of fact: Lindsey @NetGalley is awesome.” —@AMACOMBooks

"I just want to say @NetGalley makes it fun to get egalleys (I vow to take more advantage) #followreader” —@thebookmaven

@NetGalley has great customer service!” —@indiepride via Twitter

"Perusing my next @NetGalley requests for @Bookishly. This service is a reviewer’s dream! Thank you!” —@Sugarcatmom

"Outstanding new site btw. I love it! It is easier for me to navigate. *high 5* to #NetGalley!" —@booksandbeyond

"Love the NEW Netgalley! It’s incredibly user friendly now, more organized and faster to navigate. AWESOME!!" —@sunflwr38

"LOVE the new site! Fast loading, user friendly, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thank you!" —@KatiD

Author Carla Killough McClafferty wrote a nice article for SCWBI explaining how NetGalley is a wonderful tool for both authors and publishers. See p. 33 of the PDF linked here: link

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service. NetGalley is a wonderful collection development tool for my staff, and I check for interesting titles every day." —Melinda A. Brown, Head of Reference Services

"THANK YOU! Your care and attention TRULY lives up to your ‘Community Concierge’ title." —Kantha, Food Processing/Wellness Foods Magazine

"This has been amazing! I am so excited about all the media requests. It’s fantastic!! I wish it was like this every day!!" —Andrea, Andrea Burnett Public Relations

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